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Qawasha the Druid is now available!

February 15, 2018

Qawasha the Druid is now available on Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation!

Realizing that the threat to Chult is great, Qawasha the Druid is ready to join Artus, Asharra, Birdsong, and Dragonbait to defeat the evil lich Acererak. Qawasha brings new powers and new strategies to Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation. He can summon his vegepygmy ally Kupalué to distract and harass the enemies of Chult.

Additionally, he can wild shape into different beasts, granting himself new abilities temporarily, allowing him to be a versatile addition to any adventuring party.


  • Play Qawasha the Human Druid, an all new hero added to the game
  • Wild Shape into a savage ape or a ravenous velociraptor! Each form has its own unique abilities to add a new layer of strategy to your quests
  • Summon Storm Cloud hurling down bolts of lightning
  • Summon Qawasha’s ally, Kupalué, to help you handle the undead threats of Chult
  • Invoke all new powers including: Longstrider (speed increase), Barkskin (armor increase) and Goodberry (healing ability)
New Feature:
Implemented an Extras menu to activate / deactivate DLCs in-game.

Bug Fixes:
  • Mushroom pick-up fails now gives the player a die reroll properly when using a Luckstone
  • It is now possible to change resolution from 1440×900 to 1600×900 and vice versa
  • Added a combat text when Ice Storm misses the target
  • UI overlap when an encounter hint appears while dispel magic is equipped
  • Addressed various text entries in multiple languages
  • Artus can now use the jump ability on the Strawman
  • The dice rolls can now be manually stopped using the spacebar in the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue with Asharra’s Acid Splash
  • Dragonbait’s Blessed Strike won’t trigger 2 Dice Rolls anymore
  • Changed the Russian and Simplified Chinese fonts
  • It is no longer possible to use items and Utility powers during dice rolls
  • It is no longer possible to die on top of enemies while bleeding
  • It is no longer possible to Roll for an attack during a Burning Saving Roll.
  • Changed the description of Melf’s Acid Arrow to reflect the poison status instead of stun
  • The value in the AC tooltips now takes gear bonus into consideration
  • The Burn status is now properly dispelled on a Roll of 8+
  • Hotfixed savegame issues when using Family Sharing options.

Want to know more? Visit the Steam Store Page for details and play Qawasha today!