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Introducing the Explorer Mode to Tales from Candlekeep!

March 30, 2018

Good day!

For the last weeks our team has been looking into ways to improve the Tales from Candlekeep experience to all players. It has come to our attention that some of the game’s features were controversial in regards to the fun-factor they were providing, such as the Encounter system.

When we created Tales from Candlekeep, our original focus was to stay as loyal to the board game as possible by recreating an adaptation that used the game rulesets and gameplay sequence. Many of you who have played the Adventure System Board games have recognized this sequence and quickly managed to jump into the game.

However, we’ve found that the unboarding might have been a bit more difficult to players unfamiliar with the Adventure System ruleset. This is why we’ve decided to introduce a new Game Mode to Tales from Candlekeep: The Explorer mode.

This mode is for new players and for those who are not familiar with the Adventure System board games. Open chests, disarm traps and fight monsters without the constant threat of Encounters.

Note that the current game mode remains playable by selecting the Classic Mode. We felt it was important to keep a playable core game so players can still enjoy Tales from Candlekeep in its current design. Our objective with this new mode is to allow new or existing players to play the game in a faster pace, while increasing the combat time and exploration, and decreasing interruptions and punishments caused by Encounters.

Here is a quick overview of what’s coming:

New playable mode: Explorer Mode
  • This mode removes “No Exploration” encounters
  • This mode keeps “Challenging Tile” Encounters
  • Difficulty balancing of Villains (Bosses)
  • Difficulty balancing of Monsters
  • Addition of Positive Encounters (optional)
New Feature: Roll your encounters
  • For the Encounter Phase, we are adding a dice roll to determine which encounter occurs.
  • Rolling encounters adds interaction and a sense of purpose to the encounters.
New Content: Exclusive Encounters
  • Players can toggle ON or OFF the addition of new positive encounters exclusive to Tales from Candlekeep.
  • Benefit from higher chances of positive effects.
New Content: Puzzle Tiles
  • Players can toggle ON or OFF the addition of new puzzle tiles exclusive to Tales from Candlekeep.
  • Resolve the puzzle riddles and earn their rewards.
  • Addition of clear visual and SFX for a Challenging Tiles Spawn
  • Improvement to the Tutorial to reflect the changes
  • Improvement of the Adrenaline Rush system:
    – Adrenaline Rush can no longer be manually activated
    – Adrenaline Rush is automatically activated on d20 attack rolls

Quick note, we’ve read your many requests on the forums and social media regarding a new board game module addition (such as Castle Ravenloft), or the co-op mode. Rest assured this is still very present in our discussions 🙂

We will keep you updated on the matter and can’t wait to read your thoughts on this upcoming update. It should be available in the live servers next week.

If you have any questions, we invite you to join our livestream this Friday at 3pm east on

Have a good day!